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The all-volunteer Town Council of tiny Branson, Colorado, invites you to join us in raising $100,000 so that we may make State-mandated improvements to our precious drinking water system.

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Water Worth Protecting Challenge

Because “neighor helping neighbor” is an unwritten code among those who live in rural areas, we are reaching out to neighbors near and far with a Giving Plan that anyone and everyone can afford.

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Wherever you see yourself on this pyramid, know that your donation, combined with others, will help the Town of Branson ensure that our drinking water remains healthful and delicious and meets all State requirements.

Water Worth Protecting


There is nothing more critical to the future of this hardy Western ranch community than the underground springs that flow naturally down from the mesa, through our treatment process, and into our homes, school, church, gardens, yards and livestock - thanks to a public-private agreement forged in 1957 with a heritage ranching family. 

However, for 5 years, our very best efforts to comply with State regulations have fallen short. Engineering fixes did not perform as expected. We applied for grants but didn’t make the cut. Potential funding sources were out of reach.

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From Old West to New Tech

photo by Sharon McCutcheon

photo by Sharon McCutcheon

Innovative Water Technologies, Inc. (IWT) is a homegrown Colorado business that has designed and manufactured water filtration solutions in the US and 28 countries around the globe, combined with over 35 years of drinking water experience. Based in Rocky Ford, IWT has worked with public and private water systems, developing countries, military organizations, disaster preparedness and emergency response. 

IWT has proposed a water treatment renovation for Branson that includes reusable, state-of-the art, ultra-filtration membranes and harnesses our abundant wind and solar power while meeting State compliance requirements and reducing operating costs. The system comes with a price tag of about  $77,000 -- in stark contrast to a previous engineering firm proposal of over $206,000.   Learn more about Innovative Water Technologies here →However, the Town of Branson has neither the adequate financial reserves to put toward this effort, or the human resources to slog through bureaucratic paperwork to pursue and administer government funded grants and loans.

Further, we will not travel down a road that will saddle the 50+ residents with crushing debt service on top of our paying on our existing loan of $180,000 USDA loan that accompanied a previous upgrade in 2005

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100K can secure our future

photo courtesy of American Public Power Assn.

photo courtesy of American Public Power Assn.

At this time, the Town of Branson has inadequate financial reserves to meet State compliance requiremets, and precious little human resources to pursue and administer paperwork-heavy grants or loans.

Before heading down a road that might saddle our tiny town with crushing debt serice on top of annual payment on an exxisting 4—year USDA water-related loan, we hve embarked on a Fudraising Campaign of our own making.

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Our success begins with you!

photo by Becky Doherty

photo by Becky Doherty

If you have ever lived in Branson, raised your family in Branson, ranched in Branson, visited Branson, attended or sent your children to Branson School, participated in church, school, or town events….then you have enjoyed our “Branson Sweet Springs” water and chances are good you have a spot in your heart for Branson, Colorado.

All donations will go directly toward the Water Upgrade Fund and are fully tax-deductible. 

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