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The all-volunteer Town Council of tiny Branson, Colorado, invites you to join us in raising $100,000 in 33 days, so that we may make State-mandated improvements to our precious drinking water system by this summer.

Even though the residents of Branson continue to enjoy, safe, sweet, spring water, State regulations require that we upgrade our filtration process, and our Town Council has identified a cost-effective, efficient, and dependable solution.

Read on to learn the who, what, why and how of our bootstrapping effort - including how you, your family, your friends, your organization or your business can help our tiny town meet this ambitious goal.

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Water: Our Town’s Lifeblood

There is nothing more critical to the future of this hardy Western ranch community than the underground springs that flow naturally down from the mesa, through our treatment process, and into our homes, school, church, gardens, yards and livestock - thanks to a generous public-private agreement forged in 1957 with a heritage ranching family.

However, for 5 years, our very best efforts to comply with State regulations have fallen short. Engineering fixes did not perform as expected. We applied for grants but didn’t make the cut. Our request for reclassification of our Springs was unsuccessful. Bottom-line proposals carried price tags that were far out of reach for a town our size.

Click here to see a timeline showing key events in the history of Branson’s water system and the Town’s continuing efforts to comply with State-mandated water regulations.


From Old West to New Tech


Innovative Water Technologies, Inc. (IWT) has proposed a water treatment renovation for Branson that includes reusable, state-of-the-art, ultra-filtration membranes, and harnesses our abundant wind and solar power while meeting State compliance requirements and reducing operating costs. The system comes with a price tag of about $77,000 - in stark contrast to a previous engineering firm proposal of over $206,000.

IWT is a homegrown Colorado business that has designed and manufactured water filtration solutions in the US and 28 countries around the globe, combined with over 35 years of drinking water experience. Based in Rocky Ford, IWT has worked with public and private water systems, developing countries, military organizations, disaster preparedness and emergency response. Learn more about Innovative Water Technologies here.

We are also receiving invaluable technical and operational pro bono support from a team of professional water circuit riders from the nonprofit Colorado Rural Water Association (CRWA). Learn more about CRWA here.

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Find Your Place on Our Giving Pyramid


Because neighbor helping neighbor is an unwritten code among those who live in rural areas, we are reaching out to neighbors near and far with a giving plan that anyone and everyone can afford.


Our success begins with you.

Thank you and Welcome to the Branson Family!

Shown here is but one way that 214 people, families, businesses, corporations, or organizations can raise $100,000 through gifts ranging from $10 to $10,000. Wherever you fit on this pyramid, know that your gift, combined with others, will help the Town of Branson ensure that our drinking water remains healthful and delicious and meets all State requirements today and into the future.

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